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Go Deeper Within

A major loss can bring with it many spiritual challenges and unresolved issues. When you have more questions than answers, it's only natural to seek meaning and closure on a deeper soul level.

If this describes where you are at the moment, The Purple Priestess offers metaphysical services using inquisitive tools to help restore your connection with Spirit. By "continuing your conversations," we can employ ancient healing modalities to unveil new perspectives and a fresh understanding of Universal Laws. Partnering with angels and spirit guides, we can work toward strengthening or restoring faith in something larger than one's self.  

We understand that these types of services are not a comfortable fit for everyone. If they're not for you, you'll best be served by our more traditional EOL Doula and Grief Coaching services

However, if you do feel a need to delve deeper into the spiritual realm for the answers or closure you seek, click on the button below and you'll be taken to more details regarding our metaphysical services.

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