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About Rev. Katina

My name is Rev. Katina Z. Jones, B., Msc.

Compassionate, intuitive, and well-balanced grief worker and ordained non-denominational minister seeks dynamic new opportunity in bereavement and EOL services. Strong support and emotional support capabilities; lifelong student of grief and loss. Committed to providing comfort, guidance, and solace to individuals and their families during the end-of-life journey, with the goal of facilitating healing to promote a sense of peace and acceptance. Empathic listener and skilled rapport builder, with bonus skills as an experienced and engaging writer and speaker. Ordination attained from both the Church of Radiant Lights (OH, 1998) and The University of Metaphysics (Sedona, AZ, 2000). Status current and on file.




  • Bachelors in Metaphysical Science, awarded by The University of Metaphysics, (Sedona, AZ, 2014).

  • Master’s thesis complete and ready for review; doctoral dissertation in progress with culmination in a Ph.D. in Metaphysical (Spiritual) Counseling.

  • Additional hands-on skills and experience in working with Alzheimer patients and families, suggesting helpful techniques based on Teepa Snow’s great work.

Additional Certifications


  • Certified Doulagivers® Care Consultant. This is an internationally recognized training program led by a former hospice nurse to train death doulas and end-of-life planners/educators. Program completed in November 2023.

  • Proficiency Badge from the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA), 2023.

  • Certificate of trauma training completion for “Trauma-Informed Care Overview: Faith Forward,” from Trauma-Free World in February 2023.

  • CPR certification from the American Red Cross, March 2023.


Commitment to Community

  • Member, Doulagivers International (2023-Present)

  • Member, National End-of-Life Alliance (2023-Present)

  • Member, International Doulagivers Membership Association (2023-Present)

  • Member, International Metaphysical Ministry (1998-Present)

Professional Profile

The Purple Priestess, LLC


Assist patients and families in creating a personal path on the end-of-life journey, including advanced directives, care plans, funeral plans, and memorial services. Serve as family mediator in challenging situations to help bring focus back to patients and their wishes. Seek a meaningful path forward together with those left behind. Additional training as a death educator and end-of-life planner; also developed a mini course that can be used as an introduction for those who would like to learn more about the death process. Founded in the belief that navigating life’s final chapters should never be done alone and that hospice services can provide “one beautiful little lifetime” every day for those in transition.

Officiant/Spiritual Advisor


Serve as non-judgmental, non-denominational spiritual guide and officiant for grief counseling, memorial services, and weddings. Meet with patients and families in a variety of settings, including online. Share resources and guidance as requested; write emotionally moving, memorable services with the input of participants. Conducted weekly online support groups at from 1998-2001.

Served as an empathic listener, guide, and “death doula” for patients and their families, developing many close bonds based on trust, compassion, and points of commonality that bridged any life differences. Logged more than 100 volunteer hours in just two years’ time. Paused volunteerism upon the adoption of two special needs children from China but continued to serve anyone in need, wherever called, in a wide variety of settings.

Volunteer, Hospice of Visiting Nurse
Fairlawn, OH






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