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The Purple Priestess LLC and Thanacare Join Forces to Revolutionize End-of-Life Planning

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Rev. Katina Z. Jones, B., Msc., Founder, The Purple Priestess LLC, 706.502.2437Email:

The Purple Priestess LLC and Thanacare Join Forces to Revolutionize End-of-Life Planning 

Jasper, Georgia, May 30, 2024 — The Purple Priestess LLC, a beacon of compassion and wisdom in the realm of end-of-life care, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Thanacare, a leading provider of HIPAA-compliant digital solutions. Together, they are poised to transform the landscape of end-of-life planning, making it accessible, efficient, and compassionate for patients and their caregivers, family, and medical teams. 

"As a death doula and certified EOL planning specialist, I am so excited to be able to offer such an important resource to my clients," said Rev. Katina Z. Jones, B., Msc., founder of The Purple Priestess LLC.  Founded in 2024, The Purple Priestess has been a guiding light for individuals and families navigating the sacred journey toward life's final chapters. With a focus on end-of-life doula services, eldercare, and spiritual support, Rev. Jones has touched countless lives, honoring transitions with grace and reverence. 

Thanacare's mission aligns seamlessly with The Purple Priestess's vision. Their HIPAA-compliant platform empowers healthcare professionals to engage patients remotely and in person, capturing, certifying, and upholding their healthcare choices. Whether it's advance care planning, document storage, or ensuring continuity of care, Thanacare streamlines the process with compassion and precision. 

"Thanacare empowers both end-of-life doulas and clients alike, providing a fully compliant platform that streamlines and elevates the important task of end-of-life planning," said Pam Carter, Director, International Doula Life Movement (IDLM).

The Partnership: 

Together, The Purple Priestess LLC and Thanacare will:

  • Democratize End-of-Life Planning: No one should be left without a plan. By leveraging Thanacare's platform, The Purple Priestess LLC will deliver affordable and efficient end-of-life plans to individuals and families across demographics. 

  • Save time and energy: Gone are the days of paper-intensive processes. With Thanacare, The Purple Priestess LLC can efficiently complete, certify, and store end-of-life documents, freeing up valuable time for personalized care. 

  • Ensure compliance: HIPAA compliance is non-negotiable. Thanacare's robust security measures safeguard sensitive information, allowing both end-of-life doulas and clients to trust the process. 

The Purple Priestess LLC and Thanacare invite you to explore this transformative partnership. Visit The Purple Priestess website and Thanacare to learn more about our mission and services. 

Our mission: The Purple Priestess LLC is a sanctuary where hearts converge, and souls find solace. We honor life's closing chapters with compassion, wisdom, and reverence. Visit

About Thanacare: Thanacare is committed to improving end-of-life experiences by digitizing advance care planning and ensuring compliance. Let us guide you toward a compassionate and empowered journey. Visit

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