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"A Truly Magical Experience"

When you work with Rev. Katina Z. Jones, Ph.D. candidate and The Purple Priestess LLC, you not only get assistance with the mundane; you also get a deeply spiritual experience. She is a skilled educator, storyteller, and "travel agent" for a positive end-of-life journey -- one who can support and equip patients and their families like no other.

NE Georgia

"Rev. Katina is one of my best friends. A true advocate who never leaves you feeling alone or lost. For many years, she has helped me with doctor appointments, establishing better boundaries with family, taking me to the store and on important errands, and listening to my needs in order to turn them into action plans. I love her very much and always will."

Hospice Nurse (Ohio)

"I have never worked with a better advocate for patients and their families. Rev. Katina 'gets it' -- she knows how to tune into patients' needs and help their families make it happen. It's a joy to partner with her to provide the services time or resources often do not permit for us. She knows how to make it a magical experience."

NE Ohio

"I talk to Rev. Katina often and she is always there when I need her. When my husband passed away three years ago, she didn’t hesitate. She drove up to Ohio from Georgia and helped me with everything, from providing emotional support to filling out necessary paperwork that I was in no condition to handle on my own."

Canton, Ohio

"Rev. Katina helped me when my husband Walt was dying. They became instant friends and he trusted her until the end. At his funeral, I introduced her to everyone as 'the young lady Walt fell in love with before he died.' She was such a compassionate, supportive friend (I prefer to think we're family now) and brought us so much peace along a very difficult road."

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